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Water Aeration

Water Aeration

In hydroponics, when your plants’ roots are fully submerged in water, it’s crucial to supply adequate oxygen to your plants’ root zone to prevent root rot and facilitate nutrient uptake. RF Agriculture carries a variety of water aeration products to help you control the oxygen level in your hydroponic system and maintain optimum plant health. Check out our selection of products, including air pumps, flexible air diffusers, and more.

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Active Aqua Air Stone

Active Aqua Air Stone - Cylinder

Active Aqua Air Stone - Flexible - 2-foot

Active Aqua Air Stone - Round Flat

EcoPlus Air Stone

EcoPlus Commercial Air Pumps

EcoPlus Flexible Air Diffuser

EcoPlus HydroVescent Air Disc

EcoPlus Round Air Stone

EcoPlus Supreme Air Pump

EcoPlus Water Wind Micro Bubble Air Diffuser Ring

Little Giant Air Pump AP-1 Submersible 115V 5-Watt

12 Item(s)

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