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Environmental Monitoring and Control Systems

Environmental Monitoring and Control Systems

From simple, analog electrical timers to the newest and most advanced digital environmental control systems, you can set the ideal parameters of your growing operation and use these products to automate almost every aspect of it. Browse through RF Agriculture’s premium selection of environmental monitoring solutions.

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Anden Colored Touchscreen Wi-Fi part IAQ Thermostat

Anden Flush Mount Temperature & Relative Humidity Module

Anden Remote Sensor Support 1 Temp & 1 RH Reading

Anden Touchscreen Wi-Fi 2 Part IAQ Thermostat

Anden Touchscreen Wi-Fi Thermostat with IAQ Option

BlueLab Guardian Inline SmartBee Connect

Bluelab Guardian Monitor (In-Line)

BlueLab pH Controllers

DimLux CO2 Sensor for Maxi Controller

DimLux Maxi Controller EVO1

DimLux Temperature Sensor

Dosatron Nutrient Delivery System - Nutrient Monitor Kit - 1-1/2-Inch (40 GPM)

Gavita Master Controller EL1 - Gen 2

Gavita Master Controller EL2 - Gen 2

Gavita Master Controllers Gen 2

Hyperion 1 - Wireless Environmental Controller..

Link4 iPonic 614 Hydroponic Environmental Controllers

Nyx 1 - Day/Night Photocontroller..

pH Mini Controller Kit w/ pH Electrode - PSU 24 DC

RGFClear Sky DM Continuous Self-Cleaning In-Duct Ion Generator - 24 VAC - 6 Ton

Saturn 6 -  RS45 Cable & Software..

Sensor Extension Cable - 15 foot..

SmartBee Base System - Hive + LTH + SS4

SmartBee Guardian Monitor Connect

SmartBee HWCM - Handheld Water Content Meter

Items 1 to 25 of 48 total

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