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Ground Cover

Ground Cover

Ground cover, also known as weed barrier, is durable plastic sheeting that’s easy to install in your garden, and will deprive potential weeds of light so they don't ruin your crops. Ground cover also has the added benefit of reducing harmful heat buildup and condensation in your plants' root zone.


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Dewitt Company Ground Cover Anchor Pins

Dewitt Company Ground Cover Sunbelt

Dewitt Company Ground Cover UltraWeb

Dewitt Company Ground Cover White

Dewitt Company Weed-Barrier 12 Year

Dewitt Company Weed-Barrier 12 Year Black

Dewitt Company Weed-Barrier 12 Year Brown

Dewitt Company Weed-Barrier 6 Year

Dewitt Company Weed-Barrier Earthtone

Dura Skrim 20mm White Reinforced Hydroponic Liner

Ground Cover (3.2 Oz./Sq. Yard)

Westcoat Epoxy Coat Durable Resin EC-34

Westcoat Grip - 1 Quart

13 Item(s)

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